Who is Sanjeev Nanda?

People are living in a competitive world. That is why education is always considered as the stepping stone in order to help someone be successful. Education is a fact that a boss needs to consider when he finds a successor in the future. The Wharton School is the place where Sanjeev Nanda graduated in the year 1999.

In this school, he majored in management and finance. After finishing his great education, Sanjeev Nanda came back India and tried to become the best sale person at Commerce One India. Here he also carried out and executed some turnkey projects. With his every effort, a lot of people have good jobs to earn money for their life. Nowadays, Sanjeev Nanda is known as the most famous leader of a lot of projects in various industries.

It seems to be that Sanjeev Nanda knows more than what he meets in the real life. His business strategies are admired by a lot of people. He even appeared in a lot of business magazine not only in India but also in other international magazine. He knows clearly many different industries and what people lack as well as the way on how to make a huge impact globally on human economy.

Sanjeev Nanda is the boss of The Claridges hotel. The Claridges is the symbol of art and it is the touchstone in the metropolis of New Delhi. The wonderful beauty of The Claridges is perfect result of the cooperation of Sanjeev Nanda and many reputable designers.

Since he became the Managing Director of The Claridges, he has been devoting a lot achievement to the hotels as well as bringing more and more job chances to employees in New Delhi. The information relating to Sanjeev Nanda can be easily found on media as well as newspapers or magazines. He is actually great businessman of India and our world as well.